Holy bird

photoshop painting



Acrylic on canvas

lost in ...?

photoshop drawing



Self Portrait Collage




Dream with Dali

Photoshop drawing

comps for AHA "Go Red for women"

The chinese character means "the beloved girl."
"" means a girl
"" means a heart.



Please double check yourself in the mirror

Some people dont check themselves before
taking pics and this is what happens.

The Escape

~ The Escape ~
This was a piece that my aunt asked me to do.
This piece is a reflection of my interpretation of her.
"She's using all those things that she likes to
distract or escape from the not-so-satisfying reality,
however, who knows how long the shaky tower will hold."


My good friend, Depression...

* My good friend, Depression.. *
Acylic on canvas


Self Portrait

= Self Portrait =
Acrylic on canvas
just wanted to have some fun with it.

Shine, Silky hair~~

She is my friend who dressed up as the girl in the movie "The Grudge."
When I finished painting her,
I thought it would be funny to have her as the face for the shampoo.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith II

Speaking of my Hallowen Party, it was actually pretty nice.
All of us dressed up, and had a really good time.
A few weeks later, while I was browsing through the pictures,
I wanted to paint each one of us in memory of the incredible party.
I am still working on this project,
and this one is just a side product I did.
Hope you get my humor.

Cirque du SoLame

Last Halloween, we all wanted to have a halloween at my place.
They promised to help me with the decoration and everything.
However, it ended up that I was the only one doing the job.
Here's what I wrote about them:
" They are my friends.
They love each other.
They just BS around.
They formed a group called......
{ Cirque du SoLame } "


I like to use my friends as my inspiration.
This piece is about two of my friends that
seemingly live in their own beautiful, untruthful world,
not even noticing this fact.

Space traveling~

This project was about creating the sense of speed.
I didnt want to do something that people would nornally expect, like cars or planes,
So, there you go !

The Alliance

watercolor on 300 lbs hot-pressed watercolor paper
Water color on Hot pressed paper